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BISMARCK — North Dakota lawmakers are reviving efforts to make edible products available to medical marijuana patients.

The House Human Services Committee on Wednesday heard House Bills 1202 and 1164, brought by Reps. Steve Vetter, R-Grand Forks, and Vicky Steiner, R-Dickinson, respectively. Similar bills failed in previous years.


Steve Vetter, R-Grand Forks

Supporters say edibles are a better dosing method for patients. Opponents say edibles could fall into the hands of children, and can result in overconsumption or take effect when a user is driving.

House Bill 1202 would allow edibles as soft or hard square lozenges, and would limit patients’ possession to 500 milligrams of edibles, or a maximum 50 lozenges. The State Health Council would bring rules to regulate edibles’ form, manufacturing, packaging, labeling and marketing.

Vetter told the Tribune edibles are “a healthier form of medicine” for elderly people and people with lung issues who don’t want to smoke, and are easier to dose.

North Dakota voters in 2016 approved of a state medical…

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