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Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain normally contains about 90% Indica and 10% Sativa ratio, and has a widespread following among marijuana buffs.

This strain is very popular with indoor cannabis growers, medical patients and the recreational consumer as well. Northern lights is considered to be one of the most popular Indica strains especially along the West Coast, Colorado and across Canada.

Origin of Northern Lights Cannabis

Northern Lights originated in Seattle in the early 1980’s. Created by combining two powerful strains, Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa the Northern Strain was born. Formed with Sensi Seeds in Holland Northern Lights began to make its way into North America.

Northern Lights Cannabis Appearance and Smell

The Northern Lights plant has fat, heavy and densely frosted buds, with purple and green leaves. The scent of the Northern Lights strain is deep spicy with a pungent musky odor. There is also a hint of pine and earthiness in Northern Light that add complexity to its robust flavor profile.

When lighting up the flavors of sweet candy like flavors are unmistakable. Combined with lush honey-musk aromas, hints of citrus that relax you instantaneously.

Northern Light Grow Info

Growing Northern Lights is an easy grow strain, it thrives in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. The growing time is usually 8 weeks and is very good in resisting mold and disease. Growing to a small to medium height this compact plant is a favorite for all of the above, by many growers.

Northern Lights needs a sunny, moderate warm climate to do well. Growers enjoy the fact that with minimal care this plant does well compared to many other strains. Producing about 100 grams per plant, this strain is great for those looking for quality over quantity.

Northern Light Strain Effects

Northern Lights is a strong Indica good for pain relief and insomnia. The Northern Light strain will lift your mood without causing too much stimulation and is great in helping anxiety and depression. Users realize a full body numbing hit, making them physically lazy and peacefully relaxed. Northern Lights cannabis induces relaxation and sleep, heavy head and a smile on your face. Best taken in the evening when all your daily chores have been done this strain is a great nighttime choice.

Adverse effects from Northern Lights cannabis strain can be some dry mouth, and red eyes. If you are sensitive to THC panic attacks it might be best to stay way from any THC heavy strain such as the Northern Lights.

Drink plenty of water to help from developing a headache or getting dehydrated. Dry eyes can be solved by keeping a small bottle of eye-drop moisturizer with you. Northern Lights has very few negative side effects making it a perfect strain for many individuals.

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