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We all know the saying about how the customer is always right.

But one Japanese restaurantThe Public Izakaya at Tanjong Pagar, has decided that that isn’t always the case and pulls out receipts to clap back at a diner who left them a one-star review on Google.

Wake Up Singapore uploaded a post on Instagram yesterday (Dec 30), and it featured the dissatisfied diner’s one-star Google review and the restaurant’s response to it.

The diner wrote some two months ago: “Do not go unless you plan on waiting 1-hour for a skewer of vegetables on a weekday evening. It wasn’t even full and I waited an hour for a mushroom and shitake skewer.”

“The food was not worth the wait. Horrible.”

After looking into the matter, the restaurant responded to the user with timestamps on Google, detailing exactly what the diner did and when they did so.

Based on the recordings found in their CCTV cameras, the customer’s dining experience ended only 42 minutes after they first ordered.

The restaurant said that on some evenings the waiting period for skewers can be up to one and a half hours while the usual waiting period ranges from 30 minutes to an hour at least.

Hence, they were “happy” that they managed to serve the diner their skewers within just 20 minutes.

The restaurant added: “Not too stoked we got a 1-star review when you didn’t even spend an hour in the premises. And the Yakitori chef who was “grilled” over the incident ain’t all smiles either.”

Many netizens wholeheartedly…

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