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In a groundbreaking move, New York is set to issue nearly 1,500 licenses for marijuana businesses in the coming weeks as the state moves forward with its commitment to legal cannabis.

The licenses are expected to cover a wide range of cannabis-related businesses, including cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers, as well as delivery services. This is a significant step as New York becomes one of the largest cannabis markets in the United States.

The decision comes after the state legalized recreational marijuana earlier this year, making it the 15th state in the US to do so. Officials have been working tirelessly to create a framework for the legal cannabis industry, and the issuance of these licenses marks a major milestone in that effort.

According to El Nacional, El Imparcial Mexico, N Digital, and 2001Online, the move has been widely praised by advocates and industry insiders who see it as a step in the right direction for the state’s economy and social justice reform.

The licensing process is expected to be highly competitive, with a strong emphasis on equity and diversity. The state has outlined a plan to prioritize applicants from communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs, as well as small farmers and businesses.

New York’s move to issue these licenses is seen as a game-changer for the cannabis industry, and it is expected to have a significant impact on the state’s economy. It also adds momentum to…

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