Ocean County Police Departments Are Gaslighting Voters On Marijuana Legalization | OPINIONPosted by On

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When push comes to shove, it seems like New Jersey will legalize recreational marijuana in this upcoming election. I am going to come right out and say that I agree with this measure. And no, I am not a pothead. In fact, I have never touched marijuana in my life. My extreme asthma and allergies to everything green make it virtually impossible for me to even think about trying it. Plus, the smell is disgusting to me. 

Now that this is out of the way: I am extremely disappointed in some of the Ocean County police departments trying to dissuade voters into voting a certain way in an election. YES, that is precisely what they are doing – and they know it. The posts that I have seen on social media usually have shotty verbiage to cover themselves legally if anything came up. Still, the reality is that they are stoking concern into voters less than a month before a…

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