Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine wants to ban ‘intoxicating hemp’ like Delta 8Posted by On

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Gov. Mike DeWine on Friday called on lawmakers to ban a product closely related to marijuana, but unregulated for years in the state of Ohio.

While answering a question related to House Bill 68, the governor pivoted to an unrelated topic: what he calls “intoxicating hemp.” Rather than add regulations like DeWine wants for state-legalized marijuana, he does not want to allow anyone to sell this separate product.

“It is intoxicating, it is something that needs to be banned, and again, the legislature could ban it,” said DeWine. “These hemp products can be sold anywhere in the state of Ohio, and we have no jurisdiction, we have no laws to prohibit that, we can do absolutely nothing.”

DeWine made the comments during a news conference regarding House Bill 68, a bill barring medical professionals from providing treatment known as gender-affirming care that the governor vetoed. He also revisited concerns over Issue 2 that he had previously raised about the lack of ways to legally purchase marijuana in the state. He urged the house to pass legislation on the issue. In the past, DeWine has cited this as a risk because of a “black market.”

“I will just say that since the house is coming back next week, this might be a good time to take up and deal again, something they did not do, which is to deal with the marijuana issue,” said DeWine. “We…

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