Once a bane of pot growers, aerial surveillance now a B.C. cannabis crop allyPosted by On

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“I hadn’t really thought of the irony.”

The fully-automated drones are programmed to lift off from their base in the middle of the rectangular field, which is then scanned by high-tech cameras and sensors.

“It flies over the perimeter of the entire facility and it has the capability of tracking every single plant,” said Dumaresq.

The aircraft livestream data to an onsite office, he said, detailing the health of each plant, which are all insecticide and pesticide-free.

“It tells us whether a plant’s under duress if some kind of pest is attacking it, or if there’s a breakdown in the watering system,” said Dumaresq.

Weeding out male plants to ensure crop quality, he said, was another task of the hyper-vigilant drones.

CLC’s three drones, worth between $20,000 and $30,000 apiece, also serve as an eye-in-the-sky security patrol over one of the few large-scale outdoor grow operations in a country where the climate doesn’t allow for many.

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