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At the request of a fellow patient, I have attempted here to break down the expanding sea of products found on dispensary menus. A foreign language to the beginner, the market is quite vast (and expanding), leaving new patients staring into a dizzying array of capital letters and percentages.

For the most part, cannabis retailers break up their menu into the same categories: flower, concentrates and edibles/infusions.

Flower refers to dried cannabis. Concentrate is an umbrella term for the many forms of extracted cannabis oil such as shatter or distillate. An edible or infusion simply refers to a normal wellness product now containing a cannabinoid, such as candies or topicals.

If you’re seeking cannabis as a wellness product, you can immediately reduce the menu clutter by removing products such as vape pens, shatter, wax, live resin and distillate. They have little…

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