OPINION: The Case for Medicinal Marijuana in MississippiPosted by On

To my surprise, former Gov. Phil Bryant is boldly making false claims about Initiative 65, on the ballot in November to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi if it passes. I must refute Governor Phil’s ill-advised campaign to stop the sale of medical marijuana in Mississippi with these points.

First, Governor Phil falsely claimed that Initiative 65 would not bring needed revenues to the state’s coffers. Initiative 65 plainly states that medical marijuana will be taxed—7% sales tax for every cookie, gumdrop, brownie, essential oil that is sold. Additional tax revenues will be collected in the form of licensing fees and for medical-marijuana ID cards.

Apparently, there are states that do have additional marijuana taxes, the way Mississippi taxes alcohol. If I’ve learned anything about state legislatures, it is that they love to slap taxes on things like alcohol ($8.16 per gallon…

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