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Hey there! I have something that you will want! Our research crew here in Oregon that has been using our products for the past 2+ years, went from 1.5 pounds per plant, to 2.75-3 pounds on average, from the time they started using it, they saw a huge difference. Combine the added yield with the fact that the plants finish faster, about 10-14 days faster, which enables you to get another crop in every year….this stuff is magic! The flowers are dense and sticky and taste so much more amazing as well!

We also have a biological rescue solution for common problems in cultivating cannabis such as spider mites and powdery mildew! It saves entire crops from damage or infestation within about a week! It is granular and is a systemic. No need to put more moisture on an already overly humidified plant or hope that you got all the places those buggers are hiding!! Super simple!

It is just about to hit the market and the cannabis industry is going to go crazy over it! It is a 100% organic, biochar, mycorrhizae, microbe masterpiece that is a total game changer!

Rather than just tell you about it… Try it out, you won’t regret it! We have CarbonPRO Start packaged for all levels of growers. We have 1lb, 5lb and 50lb bags. CarbonPRO Fix comes in a 1lb bag. A little bit of Fix will fix your plants right up!

If you are interested in trying it, or just want more me or call me at the office!


Have an amazing day!


Lindsey Lankins



Professional Products for Cultivating Cannabis

CarbonPRO is Distributed by Sunmark Environmental Services in Portland, OR




Professional Products for Cultivating Cannabis!



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