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If a miracle worker came to town, casting out demons and chasing phantoms away, binding witches and wizards, making the blind to see and the deaf to hear, raising the dead and trampling principalities under foot, he would probably have a life time of miracle work among the infirm. Such appears to be what  billing is lined up for  hemp oil (cannabinol or CBD oil) in Nigeria’s sprawling illness. Last week, many people  lowered their guards which they had raised against Indian hemp for many years, after they  read the second part of this column, which suggested that  hemp is not all about head turning and organ damaging  as previously thought.

It amazed many people that hemp oil may be the plant medicine of this century, healing hard nut diseases, such as  epilepsy, seizures, depression, insomnia, asthma, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, inflammation,  pain, arthritis, hormonal imbalance and health questions araising from it, hepatitis, nephritis, even  cancer and many more. It was not surprising therefore, to receive enquires from some readers asking if two of Nigeria’s most common diseases were on the conquest list  of hemp oil. Guess what they are? UTERINE FIBROIDS and PROSTATE CANCER

Yes, CBD oil can do the job. But this answer is not mine. It comes from  many experts based on opinions on  several studies which continues to amaze researchers about how deeply  entrenched for healing work cannabinol is in the human body.  With scientific report after report of the health miracle which cannabinol or (CBD oil is performing in the laboratory or animal and human studies, researchers in various specialist fields of medicine have been challenging CBD oil with naughty questions in their fields with amazing result. Some experts told us on this page last week of how it was just becoming better known  that  the human body has another system this is  as real and as active as any other known body system… muscular, skeletal, reproductory, circulatory, digestive, urinating, excretory, respiratory, visual, immune e.t.c. the discovery of this new system is as thrilling as the  discovering of a new planet in the solar system or of a new  star in our galaxy, the milky, in the universe way, in the universe. The new discovering in the human body system architecture It is the ENDOCANNABINIO system (ECS).

Is the ENDO CANNABIDIOL system (ECS). This system consists of  nerve receptors for cannabinol components  widely distributed  in the Central Nervous system (CNS), Edo cannabinol and Enzymes. The ECS Is the  master system which presides over or regulates other systems, balancing their activities in a way no one is weak or is  run down by  another. It also ensures that, as a team, the body  systems can collectively withstand forces of the external environment acting on the body. This is why exposure of people with healthy ECS, to dust, smoke or the sight of feathers may  not dispose them to asthmas. While people challenged with  weak  ECS may  easily be over run by stressors in the external environment.

In uterine fibroids, we see the picture of how  oestrogenation  or over estrogenation may occur and give rise to this trouble in the womb. Estrogen is a female hormone. Progesterone is another. They exist in different ratios to each other at different times in the menstrual  cycle. If estrogen maintains its quota in the mix,  but progesterone falls short, estrogenation  occurs, as when estrogen cover shoots its boundary, provoking elevation of the quantum of prolactin, another hormone. Estrogenation causes pre- Menstrual  Syndrome (PMS), which may  make a woman to bloat just before her period, torments the breasts with fullness, tenderness and pain on touch, instigate unhealthy food…

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