Paradise Fruits exhibits “instant smoothie” with tropical flavors and savory drops with CBDPosted by On

Freeze dried fruits by Paradise Fruits.
(Image credit: Paradise Fruits).

06 Feb 2024 — At the recently co-hosted ISM & ProSweets trade fairs held in Cologne, Germany, Food Ingredients First caught up with Claus Christiansen, sales manager at Paradise Fruits, on the company’s novel launches of freeze dried fruit innovation. Notable releases included the introduction of savory flavors and nutritional compounds.

A highlight of the exhibit were the brand’s Smoothee Drops made from freeze dried pure fruit, or combined with yogurt or vegetables, with or without added sugar. The gentle production process at low temperatures preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients used. A liquid base allows for the combination of a variety of ingredients.

“Paradise Fruits offers a freeze-dried division, where we do a bunch of colorful products. We have the typical berry and fruit snacks, but also have a freeze dried mango granule from mango from puree,” he shares.

Claus Christiansen, sales manager at Paradise Fruits, at ISM & ProSweets 2024.Claus Christiansen, sales manager at Paradise Fruits, at ISM & ProSweets 2024.“This means that the 100% pure fruit is transformed into a shape and size which can be used in different applications, such as in an instant smoothie…

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