Parkinson’s Foundation to Host First Ever Medical Marijuana Conference in DenverPosted by On

As the recognized uses of medical marijuana expand, more traditional research foundations are becoming interested in the possibilities of pot. On March 6 and 7, the Parkinson’s Foundation will host its first-ever conference on medical marijuana…in Denver.

According to the 62-year-old organization, the conference will address potential risks and benefits of treating Parkinson’s disease with MMJ by bringing together “a diverse group of experts from academia, clinics, industry, government and the Parkinson’s community to establish a consensus on medical marijuana use in PD.”

A disease that affects the brain’s nerve cells, Parkinson’s can cause muscle rigidity, tremors and changes in speech in those who suffer from it. It is the second-most-common neuro-degenerative disease behind Alzheimer’s, according to the Parkinson’s Foundation, as well as the fourteenth leading cause of death…

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