Parson vows to ‘fight against’ pot firms suing state; Galloway says she’d boot marijuana czarPosted by On

The chairman of the investigative committee, state Rep. Robert Ross, R-Yukon, has not responded to multiple phone messages. Fraker, the state’s marijuana czar, made a $288 in-kind contribution to Ross’ opponent over the summer in a state Senate primary.

Galloway, during an interview Saturday, repeated calls for the investigation to continue and said “there just needs to be a top-down review” of the medical marijuana program.

“This rollout has been flawed and bungled from the start,” she said, citing the fact that $1.6 million and counting had gone to pay attorneys who are defending the state’s licensing decisions.

After covering the cost of running the program, money generated through medical marijuana fees and taxes goes to the Missouri Veterans Commission.

“Millions of dollars are being diverted to pay for lawsuits instead of going to take care of veterans,” Galloway said.

She didn’t say how she would handle the hundreds of appeals before the Administrative Hearing…

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