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PAX-2 in heating up mode

PAX-2 in heating up mode

Hello out there in vape land!  I thought I would share with you my first vaping experience with the PAX-2 Vaporizer offered for sale at $199.00 plus tax at I have heard of the benefits of vaping and decided to give it a try, and after watching the short video I purchased a unit.  It came with free shipping via USPS in 7 days from the my order date.

The PAX-2 device comes with a cleaning kit, usb charger cradle, two mouthpieces with the PAX unit itself.  You can buy an A/C Adapter for $14.99 more.

Charging is the first order of business, and it takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge. Place the unit on the charging cradle and watch the 4 petals; when they all light up no blinking then the unit is fully charged and ready to go.  You can pack about 2 nuggets, ground up finely, into the oven chamber, snap on the magnetic lid and that is it.

Pressing the mouthpiece will turn on the unit, and it will pulse violet/blue light as the device heats up, when the lights are all green, you are ready to draw.  A simple cigar-like pull is all you need to enjoy your meds.  You’ll know that your session is finished when the taste and vapor diminish.  Just pop off the oven lid, and I use a toothpick to scrape out the spent material (mull).  I’m told you can use the mull in making edibles, just add it to your plant matter.

I chose the raised mouthpiece for convenience.  The device is easily cleaned with pipe cleaner and isoprophyl alcohol, a kit for this is included.  They recommend you clean the unit every few uses.

I have found that the benefits of vaping rather than smoking are worth the $200 price for a good device. I ordered mine online at the above link and saved over the retail price.  I checked with dispensaries in my area and the going price was $300 for this model.  This unit does hold a lot of weed, around 2 good nuggets worth, so you will go through your weed a little faster.  The battery hold its charge pretty well, rated at 3000 milliamp/hours.

PAX-2 on its charger

PAX-2 on its charger

All in all I am happy with my purchase.  The taste of the weed comes through better and I don’t cough and hack the way I do when smoking.  I’m hanging onto my pipes for sharing still, but expect to inhale my vape as the majority of my meds from now on.  With the ten year warranty, we expect this device to last…Find more information about vaping here


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