Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal Assembles an Urgent Press Conference With Members of City Council, State Legislators, Philadelphia District Attorney, Business Leaders, Cultural Leaders, and OthersPosted by On

PHILADELPHIA–()–In an effort to immediately address the overbearing fines and court fees associated with minor, nonviolent marijuana infractions, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, Philadelphia Lawyers For Social Equity, Councilman Derek Green, Councilman Curtis Jones, State Senator Anthony Williams, State Senator Sharif Street, State Representative Jordan Harris, State Representative Joanna McClinton, District Attorney Larry Krasner, Lapstone & Hammer’s Brian Nadav, Beanie Sigel, and others will speak at a press conference on Thursday, March 24th in Philadelphia.

PA Cannabis Holdings, a social equity leader in the medical marijuana industry, is providing a fund for persons released from Pennsylvania State Prisons with court fees, fines, and/or restitution relating to their nonviolent marijuana conviction. This $100,000 Fund will eradicate the long-running injustice, impacting primarily people of color who are simply unable to pay the legal fees and fines. As Pennsylvania looks to legalize marijuana, this fund will help to ensure that past marijuana-related convictions don’t prohibit people from opportunities to participate in the legalized cannabis market, whether medical or recreational.

Councilwoman Kendra Brooks states, “For decades, the criminalization of marijuana kept Black and brown Philadelphians behind bars at disproportionate rates and contributed to our current crisis of mass incarceration. Debts related to marijuana charges keep community members from getting their records expunged, participating in the formal economy, and living full lives. I strongly support Sheriff Bilal’s work to create a fund that alleviates the burden of these widespread debts and appreciate her leadership on this issue.”

WHAT: Press conference on barrier assistance program for previous nonviolent marijuana convictions

WHEN: Thursday, March 24, 2022, 2:00 pm

WHERE: Lobby of the Land Title Building 100 South Broad Street, Philadelphia

WHO: Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, District Attorney Larry Krasner, Councilman Derek Green, Councilman Curtis Jones, Councilwoman Kendra Brooks, State Senator Anthony Williams, State Senator Sharif Street, State Representative Joanna McClinton, State Representative Jordan Harris, State Representative Danilo Burgos, Dr. Craig Antrell-PA Cannabis Holdings, Renee Chanault Fattah-Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity, Brian Nadav-Lapstone & Hammer Founder, Beanie Sigel-Musical artist, PNB Rock-Musical Artist, Distortedd-Visual Artist, King Saladeen-Visual Artist and others

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