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Chiropractic Physicians Provide Applications Other Than Spinal Alignments

UPPER ST. CLAIR, PA, USA, March 15, 2023 / — Chiropractors’ main treatment method involves manipulation, but they also have the knowledge, skill, and training for adjunctive therapies and applications. These processes enable them to offer relief from neuromusculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Marc Micucci of D&M Chiropractic and Therapeutic Rehab, Inc. explains, “Chiropractors offer a unique holistic approach to pain and injury. When needed, we perform spinal adjustment to patients of any age.”

He adds, “However, we also have the medical training to perform physical therapy techniques. For instance, we can recommend exercises to our patients to keep their muscles healthy. Ultimately, at D&M Chiropractic and Therapeutic Rehab, Inc., we aim to help our patients achieve their optimal physical, emotional, and mental state through a combination of applications.”

Dr. Marc Micucci shares some of the physical therapy services they can perform.

Primary Therapy

Spinal manipulation is a technique that involves practitioners using their hands or a device to target a specific area or region in the spine. Specialists can use different amounts of force, aiming to move the joint in certain ways. It’s not the same as spinal manipulation, which doesn’t involve a thrusting motion.

Spinal adjustments represent the core of what chiropractors do. These physicians…

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