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Pineapple Kush Indica Strain

We received our 7.2 grams of the Pineapple Kush Indica Strain as part of a special ounce deal, which netted me a signup bonus of $25 off their $90 ounce price.  This portion of it represents $17.50 for the quarter.  Emerald City Wellness has generous specials like their signup bonus and monthly discount.  It is a distance to go downtown to the west side for weed, but well worth it quality wise and for selection of strains.

Pineapple Kush Effects

The Pineapple Kush is a pungent smelling strain, especially after a few nuggets are ground up in the grinder.  We obtained a new yellow pipe for the trial, at $13.99 from the Taste of India Grocery shop, marked down from $18.99 for us.

Since the PAX vaporizer is down for cleaning, we are smoking this from a clean, glass pipe.  This strain is rated at 31.14-33.3% THCa with 0% CBDa.  This promises to be a hard hitting indica on the high end of the scale for strength.  There is a pineapple smell to the weed, and the nuggets are small to medium sized in the grinder.  Green color with orange hairs prominent and a sweet smell once ground up.

The euphoria and pain relief is rather quick once smoked, a few puffs and the effects are quickly felt.  There is marked pain relief in my knee, which has been paining me recently.  This is a heavy strain, so continued use will likely put you to sleep.  I am regulating when we do this strain, since the end of the day of pain is the most important, to help one sleep.  I am rather used to the higher THCa level and so can use this during the day as well, to help regulate the pain.  A puff here and there seems to do the trick.

May help with anxiety, allow you to relax, good for appetite stimulation too.  I recommend higher THCa strains for pain relief.  To me, this is the main consideration, the other benefits are secondary to pain relief for me.  Although with cannabis I have found less depression and anxiety which is good for stress levels and blood pressure.

Conclusion:  good strain for pain relief, as the budtender recommended.  Thanks to her for the strain tip.

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