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 bud excellent pungency, sharp flavor, and smooth, clean-smelling burn smoke

MBX Means Fast Growth

Highly concentrated microbial MBX organic cultivation solution is designed for healthy soil, transplanting protection, root development, and max bud quality.

MBX is incredibly productive during the first two weeks of both grow and bloom phases. Harness the power of MBX microbial supplement to increase yields of the highest quality buds significantly.”

— Jack Young

CARSON CITY, NV, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / — Plant-Grow Inc., the world’s technology leader in microbial biofertilizers, is proud to announce MBX™. This microbial additive addresses the root of cannabis grower’s quest to increase the highest quality buds’ yields. MBX is an ultra-concentrated, proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria proven to increase root mass and quad yield. MBX’s billions of microorganisms benefit plants by working symbiotically with them to create bigger, healthier, more expansive roots, leading to bigger plants that thrive. MBX works for soil-growers, but it also works for hydroponic growers.

MBX is incredibly productive during the first two weeks of both grow and bloom phases, so the plants’ root zones get the full benefits of the MBX specially selected microbes. Cannabis growers can harness the power of MBX microbial supplements to increase the yield of the highest quality buds…

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