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Several people were on Thursday arrested along major highways in Nairobi for not using designated footbridges.

In an interview with Kenyans.co.ke, Mary Omari, the National Traffic Commandant, confirmed that the Nairobi base commander deployed his officers to enforce traffic rules.

She confirmed that pedestrians were notorious for crossing busy highways instead of using the footbridges, to save time, which she pointed out was one of the ways Kenyans put themselves in harms way, leading to fatal road accidents.

“It was an operation where the base commander deployed his officers to restore order and nab those pedestrians who were flouting traffic laws,” Omari highlighted. 

Police officers conduct an operation at Nyayo Roundabout on January 25, 2024.



Photos circulating online showed several individuals being bundled into police vehicles at the Nyayo Roundabout.

Brendan Marshall, a senior member of the Matatus Owners Association (MOA), explained to Kenyans.co.ke that police officers were stationed at various highways to enforce the directive. 

He listed areas such as Nyayo Roundabout, Bellevue, Mtindwa, and Thika Road among others.

Marshall commended the operation and argued that all motorists should adhere to traffic laws. He wondered why the matatu sector is often blamed for causing accidents, yet everyone has a role to play in ensuring road safety.

“It’s not just Nyayo footbridge, the…

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