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[Source: Fiji Police Force/ Facebook]

A 41-year-old man is in custody following the discovery of close to 4,000 plants believed to be marijuana in the Navosa hills.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Abdul Khan says a raid was conducted at Tovatova, Nubuyanitu where a nursery-like setup with close to 4,000 plants believed to be marijuana was discovered.

ACP Khan says another raid conducted also resulted in the discovery of plants, ranging from 50cm to 180cm in a farm at Nabala, Nubuyanitu in Navosa.

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[Source: Fiji Police Force/ Facebook]

Similar raids were conducted in the Northern Division in Tukavesi, where more than 400 plants believed to be marijuana were seized.

ACP Khan says the team intercepted what would have been marijuana destined for cultivation during the festive season.

He adds routine operations are running parallel to national operations, with the focus remaining on ensuring a safe environment this festive season.

Arrests have also been made with regards to those found in possession of illicit drugs.

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