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Three marijuana grow operations, valued at approximately NIS 13 million, were raided by the Israeli police Friday, in which they seized 1,800 seedlings and hundreds of kilograms of cannabis plants. Besides the seizure, nine people were also arrested and three others were detained by the National Unit for Fighting Serious and International Crime, known as Lahav 443, on suspicion of drug trafficking. According to the Israeli police, the raids and seizures were in three cities in the center of the country, including Holon, Tel Mond and Ramat Yishai. The police also found packing, harvesting equipment and a large quantity of dried marijuana flowers ready for distribution.   The suspects involved allegedly were responsible for managing the grow operation, from the initial process of growing the plant to its eventual distribution to the market and dealers. In response to the raid, Israeli Police spokesman said that “[they] will continue to focus on the enforcement of this serious issue in order to expose crimes that jeopardize public safety and harm their safely, while also bringing the perpetrators of this offense to justice.”The raid comes following a crackdown on the distribution and sale of marijuana in Israel. In March 2019, Israeli police also infiltrated and arrested 42 suspects involved in Telegrass, a well-known cannabis distribution network that consisted of dozens of administrators,  distributors and an estimated 100,000 members.

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