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The brutal death of a man whose body was found wrapped in plastic and dumped in a creek may be connected to a drug syndicate.

Victoria’s Homicide Squad has renewed a plea to the public for information about the 2015 death of Point Cook man Shu Jian Lim.

Mr Lim had been a fruit picker in Victoria and working in hospitality in the years before his death.

Despite a five-year investigation, no-one has been charged in relation to Mr Lim’s death and the investigation remains ongoing.

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Tim Day said it was likely Mr Lim had “fallen foul” of a cannabis syndicate.

Detective Day said there was “no doubt” police would find out who was responsible for Mr Lim’s death and said it was common for allegiances within drug syndicates to “change over time”.

“This is a brutal way for someone to die and their body to be found.

“Anybody that is prepared to kill someone, wrap them in plastic and dump them in a river has zero regard for human life.”

Detective Day said he could not release information about Mr Lim’s cause of death.

A silver Toyota sedan is parked in a garage with number plate 1EB 8ZD.
Shu Jian Lim’s Toyota sedan was found abandoned on Allen Street, Laverton.(Supplied: Victoria Police)

Detective Day said police had spoken to a number of Mr Lim’s “associates” over the last five years but he was not satisfied with their version of events.

“Hopefully there is someone out there who feels that now is the right time to come forward and tell us why this happened and who is responsible,” Detective Day said.

“It doesn’t matter how insignificant your information might seem, it might be a critical detail for police.”

Mr Lim’s sister reported her brother missing in March 2015 before his body was found six months later by university students conducting research at Cobbledick’s Ford Reserve in Melbourne’s west.

They found the body wrapped in a plastic sheet and dumped on a sandbank.

A DNA test a month later revealed the man was 26-year-old Mr Lim.

A white SUV drives past a fenced, dirt driveway.
CCT footage of a car driving past a water treatment plant on a road that’s an exit route from where the body of Shu Jian Lim was found.(Supplied: Victoria Police)

Mr Lim was last seen at a friend’s house at Covent Gardens in Point Cook in February 2015.

“That one phone call from an associate from one of those four people in that house in Covent Gardens in Point Cook could be all we need,” Detective Day said.

Police were told Mr Lim left the property about 5:00pm in his silver sedan with registration number XHS 070.

Detective Day said police believed the car was a Toyota but it…

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