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A new poll shows Florida voters high on recreational marijuana and universal school choice.

Days after the start of the Legislative Session, the University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Research Lab released survey results on the opinion of registered voters on a variety of topics.

The findings could fire up supporters of a proposed change to Florida’s constitution to legalize adult personal use of marijuana. About 70% of voters said they would support such a measure, while just 29% feel harsh on the proposal.

That compares to 76% who backed the proposal when UNF polled voters last spring, and is much higher than the 64% who favored legalizing recreational weed in late 2019.

The level of support could be consequential as Florida requires 60% of voters to support an amendment at the ballot box in order to amend the state constitution.

“Efforts to put recreational marijuana in front of voters in 2024 are in the beginning stages, but support for it is high across the political spectrum,” said Dr. Michael Binder, Research Lab faculty director. “If it makes it onto the ballot next year, and that’s a big ‘if,’ it has a good chance of reaching the 60% supermajority needed to pass.”

Voters also weighed in on matters state lawmakers expect to take up in coming weeks. While members of the state Senate debate the cost of the school vouchers measure, voters seem to favor the plan regardless of a potentially high price.

Asked whether they support all K-12…

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