Pot prices by province: Which Canadians pay the most for cannabis?Posted by On

An analysis from Statistics Canada suggests the cost of cannabis has increased a bit in B.C., but much less than in other parts of Canada.

The agency said Wednesday the unweighted average price per gram of dried cannabis is about $6.89 on the West Coast, post-legalization. The number was calculated based on prices from both legal and illegal sources.

Canada-wide, the price is about $8. The Canadian average has increased more than 17 per cent since cannabis was legalized on Oct. 17, 2018.

Those who buy from a legal source pay about $10 per gram, up about 56.8 per cent from the average illicit price of $6.37. Scroll down or tap here to view the provincial breakdown by increase post-legalization.

StatsCan’s analysis was based on submissions from 19,443 Canadians through its crowdsourcing application called StatsCannabis.

While the price appears to be up…

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