Pot sales set to start: Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries just waiting for productPosted by On

Missouri has issued 60 licenses to grow pot, 86 to make marijuana-infused products and 192 to open dispensaries; the vast majority are still setting up and working through state regulations. The state expects two dozen dispensaries in the St. Louis area.

But, as in Illinois, which legalized recreational marijuana at the beginning of this year, growing schedules and supply must catch up with demand.

N’Bliss expects to only have marijuana flowers in stock, at first. Marijuana takes 90 days at minimum to grow healthy buds, Goette said. Products requiring extraction from fresh flower will take a bit longer to come onto shelves.

The shop currently sells CBD products in the front section of its store, which is open to the public.

On Tuesday, dispensary management opened the back portion for a media tour; once marijuana arrives, only medical card holders will be allowed on the sales floor.

The front half feels like an herbal tea shop or a college headshop, the back like a doctor’s office…

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