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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle getting kicked out of UK home

Prince Harry has revealed in an interview with author Gabor Mate that marijuana “really helped” him mentally.

The Duke of Sussex, speaking during the livestreamed conversation on Saturday evening, said cocaine “did nothing” for him. He added: “Marijuana is different, that actually really did help me.”

He also said that some British soldiers were not “necessarily” supportive of military efforts in Afghanistan.

Dr Gabor Mate said he did not align with the West during the conflict. Harry responded: “One of the reasons why so many people in the United Kingdom were not supportive of our troops was because they assumed that everybody that was serving was for the war.

“But no, once you sign up, you do what you’re told to do.

“So there was a lot of us that didn’t necessarily agree or disagree, but you were doing what you were trained to do, you were doing what you were sent to do.”

It comes after the Harry and wife Meghan have been asked to leave Frogmore Cottage by King Charles.

Sources claimed that the couple are “not fighting” the decision, as they are said to be making arrangements to have their remaining belongings shipped to California.


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