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The CloudV ElectroMini is a portable e-nail that is appropriate for vapers of all experience levels. The cloudV from Cloudvapes is otherwise called a handheld convenient oil rig with water filtration and it is a standout amongst the most compact dab rigs you can discover in the market today. Key Features of the CloudV ElectroMini  are it’s compatibility with w/THC concentrates, wax, shatter, honey, Aqua bubbler chills off the vapor, Quartz and titanium nails provide distinctive dabbing alternatives.

The ElectroMini has a flexible temp from 550° – 1000°. It carries both titanium and quartz nails, charger, dabber and carb cap. This piece is ideal for flexible dabbing and you can get the temp you need by the touch of a button, So in case you’re a big deal dabber, you ought to genuinely consider getting CloudV ElectroMini.

The 9 inches tall  ElectroMini is somewhat littler than most e-nails. To use the ElectroMini, you should simply need to charge it for 4 hours( for first time usage), Place the water bubbler onto the device, at that point fill it with water. Press the power button 3 times to turn on the device. Select temperature utilizing L/R buttons then press control button 2 times to start heating. Dab wax onto the nail and breathe in from the bubbler. The ElectroMini is intended to keep going for over a day prior without charge, giving you enough time to enjoy dabbing.

The capabilities and vapor quality of the Cloud V ElectroMini

The device delivers astounding vapor quality, the quartz nail holds the wax’s flavor superior to the titanium nail. In case you love giant dabs then you should definitely choose the titanium nail since it holds heat longer than the quartz nail. However, the included water bubbler chills off the vapor in the device regardless of how high the temperature gets, which makes it a marvelous decision for veterans and amateurs. The ElectroMini’s 3300 mAh battery can keep going for over a day prior to recharging.

For somebody who prefers fat dabs and flavor then you should attempt the electro mini. The Electro Mini is unquestionably for the flavor chasers and for the cloud chasers. The ElectroMini is a blend between a wax pen and an oil rig. If you want to stop using torch for vaping, then you should attempt the cloud v electro mini because they work well.


The benefits that comes with using the ElectroMini

  • You can take giant dabs out of the ElectroMini when it’s fully charged. By giving it 1 or 2 pre heats at  800 degrees you will be able to take a 0.5 plus out of the ElectroMini
  • It emulates and oil rig which is a great point of contention for the ElectroMini
  • It has a cloudchaser/ flavour chaser aspect of it, you can use the quartz or titanium depending on what you want to use.
  • It is also water filtered and takes out all the aspects of the sketchy torch like drug looking features which makes it look cleaner.
  • One thing about the ElectroMini is that it gets you thinking positively every single day which will lead you to a positive state of mind.

If you are an amateur then the ElectroMini is the better decision for you since it has a lower starting temperature. The ElectroMini is better than most e-nails out there so you can’t turn out badly with it. Check out this video on Instagram from Cloudvapes

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