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The ordinance eliminating low-level marijuana possession enforcement by the San Marcos Police Department went into effect Thursday night.

The ordinance, which was a part of Proposition A, was enacted after San Marcos City Council canvassed votes during a meeting on Thursday.

Nearly 82% of San Marcos voters cast their ballot in favor of the proposition — 15,655 for Proposition A and 3,475 voting against the measure.

“The people of San Marcos have spoken and made it clear that this issue is important to a vast majority of our community” said Elle Cross, Right to Justice Coordinator with Mano Amiga Action. “This Thursday, our neighbors saw the fruits of their labor, and for many, this is only the beginning of their journey to working for a more just society.”

Proposition A made its way onto the ballot after a coalition consisting of Mano Amiga, Ground Game Texas, San Marcos Democratic Socialists of America, the Hays County Libertarian Party, the Hays County Democratic Party, and the Texas Cannabis Collective gathered more than 10,000 signatures on a petition.

After the petition was certified by the San Marcos City Clerk, city council voted during its Aug. 2 meeting to add the ordinance included in the petition as a proposition on the ballot for the Nov. 8 election.

The newly-enacted ordinance ends citations and arrests by the San Marcos Police Department for misdemeanor possession of marijuana up to 4 ounces. San Marcos police, however, can cite an individual or…

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