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Puff For Life

Puff For Life is a small business located in Silver Springs, Florida. We design and sell one of a kind exotic wood pipes, vape stands, and vapes and accessories. We sell retail to the community and wholesale to shops and vendors. Our website is puffforlife.com

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Diane Gracely is the founder of Puff For Life. Diane is a patient and advocate in Florida.Diane also helps Floridians by pointing them in the direction of a certified medical marijuana doctor to get their medical marijuana recommendations. Diane also helps to educate Floridians about medical marijuana, state laws, and more.

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Diane-Gracely said : subscriber Report 8 months ago

Many things have changed at Puf For Life. We now help Florida residents become medical marijuana patients through an affordable group of doctors. Go to my website for more information. PuffForLife.com

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