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Nowadays, you don’t need to live in NYC to demand relief in a “New York minute.” Due to the fast pace of our tech-savvy society, more people crave quick results. Since CBD oil is often portrayed as a miraculous supplement, it’s understandable customers have high expectations the first time they take hemp.

Although CBD oil has many notable features, that doesn’t mean it will immediately hit every user’s senses. However, there are ways people could increase the odds CBD will have a noticeable effect within minutes. Interestingly, how you take CBD oil could change how fast your body absorbs this cannabinoid. Knowing the different styles of CBD ingestion could help new customers determine the right product for their preferences.

What’s The Quickest Way To Get CBD Into Your System?

If you can’t wait to feel the full power of CBD’s properties, you may want to concentrate on CBD vape pens or CBD-rich hemp flowers. When people vape or smoke CBD hemp, the cannabinoids go directly into their lungs. Most people who use these CBD extracts report feeling CBD’s effects a few minutes after inhaling their hemp.

Although smoking and vaping are the fastest CBD delivery methods, taking CBD oils and tinctures could also have quick & profound effects. If you place a CBD oil under your tongue and hold it for ~ 30 seconds, you should feel CBD’s effects in a few minutes. The human tongue’s sublingual glands can absorb compounds into the bloodstream.

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