Quick Hits: Cannabis Consumers Much Prefer Flower to Concentrates, ASU Study FindsPosted by On

A new study from Arizona State University has found that eight in ten cannabis consumers prefer herbal cannabis — flower — to marijuana-infused concentrates such as oils and edibles.

The main reason, according to the 574 subjects surveyed? Concentrates are too unpredictable and intense, and more likely to cause “paranoia, memory disruption, and hangovers.”

“Ultra-high THC cannabis, such as concentrates, might not produce greater positive, reinforcing effects relative to lower-THC cannabis, such as marijuana (flower),” the study’s authors found. 
The conclusion, said Paul Armentano with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), is hardly surprising.

“Just as the majority of those who consume alcohol prefer relatively low potency beer or wine over hard liquor, most adult-use cannabis consumers gravitate toward herbal cannabis preparations and away from the comparatively stronger alternatives,” he said. 

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