Quick poll: Medical marijuana OK, but not all are ready to legalize pot for recreational usePosted by On

GALION — In a strictly, unscientific poll over the last few days, it appears that the stigma surrounding marijuana has lessened a lot since about 1975, when I first became aware of weed or pot, or ganja.

Today, at least to those responding to a recent column seeking comment about the legalization of medical marijuana — and the possible legalization of recreational marijuana some day in the future — seems to be similar to that of the stigma surrounding alcohol.

Medical marijuana is OK, . But recreational marijuana? That’s a debate that will continue for a few more years.

“I’m apposed to legalizing recreational marijuana,” said mazie21495@aol.com. “Maybe it’s because I graduated from Galion High in the 1950s. But why bring down our society any more than we are already. Medical marijuana? Yes. But don’t legalize the behavior for a drug that may cause more…

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