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Rainbow Kitten Surprise has jumped into the cannabis game, partnering with a Colorado extraction lab to create a limited-edition live-resin vaporizer cartridge.

The indie alt-rock group with one of music’s most memorable names worked with Green Dot Labs to create the “THAT’S MY S#!T” cartridge, named after an RKS song. According to Green Dot CEO Alana Malone, the company was approached by RKS after bassist Charlie Holt tried a Green Dot vaporizer pen that was made through a similar partnership with Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Already having collaborated with STS9 and the Disco Biscuits, Malone and Green Dot were happy to work with another band. But creating a custom resin cartridge takes time, Malone says, with extractors taking input from RKS members to choose which strains and terpenes would go into the final product.

“We have a discovery process where we go through each party, and we really try to learn and explore their history with cannabis, and all the various flavors and effects…

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