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Have you ever tried to explain the medicinal values of cannabis to someone who does not use the plant? If you have, I’m sure they were a little weary as to wear the conversation was headed. People who do not use the cannabis plant generally assume that those who do only use it to get high, and that the only reason they would want to legalize the plant would be so that they could legally get high. This is a common and also outdated misconception. The topic of cannabis as a medicine needs to be brought up and spread because of this misconception. Thanks to recent research we are able to see actual studies that prove that the plant has real medicinal value, this is why it needs to be legalized. So that people around the United States may have access to safe, natural medicine.

If you agree with me and are wondering how you can help get people on board, I am here to help. Below I have written up some simple steps to help you spread awareness of the medicinal value of the cannabis plant so that we may together work towards legalization.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
    1. In order to change someone’s opinion, you must first fully understand their opinion on the matter. The only way this is every going to happen is if you ask this simple question, “What do you think about medical cannabis?” Times are changing whether we like it or not and legalization is a very talked about issue, chances are they’ve already had this discussion. They just haven’t had it with the right person, so take it away!


  1. Figure Out Your Story
    1. For many of us, our passion for cannabis stems from some form of healing we experienced from consuming the plant. Or perhaps we have seen someone else use the plant as a medicine successfully. Or many even you saw a video online of someone having a seizure stopped by CBD oil and you are now inspired. Whatever your story is make sure that you have one, and make sure that it is genuine.


  1. Know Your Audience
    1. This is a rarity, but sometimes you will come across someone who is a total, for lack of better words, right wing. They will not listen to you because their minds are already made up, that’s fine. Make sure that whomever you are trying to inspire is at least a little bit curious about the topic, chances are they or someone they know could benefit from medical cannabis so their attention is vital.


  1. Know The Facts
    1. The fastest way you can lose someone’s attention is by saying things like “I think” and “probably.” You are not going to achieve their support if you do not know your facts. So please, before sparking the conversation, open a book, or that thing that we have now… What’s it called? The world wide… Web! There are a ton of educational as well as cultural sites out there that focus on cannabis. Some of my favorites are Medical Jane, Green Flower Media, and Project CBD.


  1. You Don’t Have To Get High
    1. Chances are whoever you are speaking with doesn’t know about the science of the plant itself. With that knowledge, comes knowledge of the cannabinoids within the plant, one of the most important being cannabidiol, aka CBD! CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid present within the plant and is responsible for the majority of analgesic properties that the plant possesses. What this means is that you can use products made from the cannabis plant, that contain only CBD, meaning you will NOT get high. Not many people know this and it is a vital point for raising awareness.


  1. You Don’t Have to Smoke It
    1. If your audience is really out of touch with the recent improvements for methods of consumption of the plant, he or she most likely associates the act of consuming with only smoking a joint or hitting the bong. Nowadays though there are so many different ways to consume the plant, most of them specific to ailments. For example, there are edibles which are best suited for those seeking relief from chronic pain for an extended amount of time. There is also vaporizing which is ideal for those seeking relief fast, but who do not wish to smoke. There are even cannabis concentrates that come in capsule forms! Above all else, this plant is a medicine and that is the point that you need to get across.


At this point in time I’m sure your audience is overwhelmed with the amount of information you have given them. They probably also have a bunch of questions, if you don’t feel equipped to answer them please direct them to the educational websites I have afore mentioned.

Legalization is such an important and excited topic because it really can mean the difference for so many people suffering from multiple different ailments. Thank you so much for doing your part for the cannabis community, together we can all work towards the goal of providing safe access to medicinal cannabis! Thank you so much for reading and for helping Okun THC deliver the difference!


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