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The Oklahoma Supreme Court settled the final challenge to the petition for legalizing recreational marijuana, clearing it for voter approval. However, voters won’t find the measure on the November ballot.

Wednesday’s supreme court decision is a set back to the “Yes on 820 Campaign.”

“We were very disappointed that we were not going to be on the ballot in November 2022,” said Michelle Tilley, Campaign Director for Yes on 820.

In a way, it’s also a victory.

“We have successfully navigated and made it through this petition side of it and we are going to a vote of the people,” said Tilley.

Tilley said the campaign working to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over collected thousands of signatures and submitted them early to the Secretary of State to put the question up to a vote.

The 7-1 ruling cites a series of state procedural holdups kept the question from making a ballot print deadline.

Despite that, the ruling points out that just because there is a delay, doesn’t guarantee the right to speed up the process and force the question to be printed on the ballots.

Tilley isn’t giving up.

“This is a huge victory for us. If you would’ve asked anyone ten years ago … would we be voting on legalizing recreational marijuana in Oklahoma I would’ve said you were crazy … But here we are, we are going to the ballot, people are going to vote on this, it is going to happen. And you know we do hope it is sooner rather than later,” said…

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