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By the end of this month, VIGR Life Cannabis Inc. (VLC) plans to begin growing what it calls “premium craft cannabis” for distribution across Canada. But first, it needs to get the grow-op’s logistics — including its watering system, temperature and humidity rate — just right.

Rick Turchet, VLC’s president and CEO, said it was a long time coming to get to this point. After many long conversations and lots of paperwork, he and his team of Regina entrepreneurs were granted the Health Canada cannabis cultivation licences to launch their business earlier this month.

From there, Turchet said they found a building in a Regina industrial area and bought 24 growing pods from Manitoba’s Delta 9 Cannabis. With that came an agreement that Delta 9 would buy all of VLC’s product in the first year, and sell it in its retail stores and others across the country. 

“We looked at this hard for a long time,” Turchet said. “We thought we could create some jobs, a great business and see where…

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