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Renting a Bud Trimmer, It’s harvest time. You find yourself with hundreds of pounds of product to process and might be feeling a little overwhelmed. The idea of finding a bunch of new trimmers, hoping that they’re reliable and skilled, and keeping them motivated throughout the trimming season weighs heavily on you.

Perhaps you’ve considered investing in a bud trimming machine, but you’ve heard horror stories of machines chewing up your product or destroying trichomes. You’re hesitant to invest so much money into a machine that you might not even be happy with.

What should you do?

Your next best step may be to rent a bud trimmer. Renting provides you some distinct advantages over purchasing a trim machine or staying the course with only hiring hand-trimmers.

You Can Try Out Different Machines

There are several different types of trim machines on the market. Some are built for wet trimming, in which you trim immediately after harvesting. Others are dry trimmers, and you must dry the plants for approximately a week (depending on moisture levels) before using the machine. Some use a scissor action to clip the leaves and others have a drum which rotates the buds against a set of blades.

When renting, you can try out a bud trimming machine that you’re curious about and see if performs as you expect it to. Perhaps you’ve only tried a scissor action machine and weren’t thrilled with the results. Next time, try a drum-style machine and see if it does a better job on the strains you’re growing.

Save Time

Depending on the size of your harvest, the hand-trimming process could take weeks. It typically takes one person a full day to hand trim a pound of cannabis. Bud trimming machines vary in their speed, but some can process up to 15 pounds in an hour. This means you might be able to process your entire harvest in just a day or two. That’s a huge time savings and allows you to put your product on the market that much earlier.

Save Money

Hiring a tribe of trimmers can get expensive very quickly. You’re probably paying somewhere around $200 for someone to hand trim a single pound of weed. When you switch to a trimming machine, your costs can be slashed by 80% or more. A trim machine rental typically costs between $300-$500 per day and can potentially process 50 pounds or more in a single day. When you consider the money spent not just on wages, but on costs of training trimmers and providing them with food, housing, and incentives, the savings quickly add up.

No Commitment

Maybe your harvest isn’t quite large enough to justify the purchase of a trimming machine just yet. This could be particularly true if you can complete processing in just a day or two. Renting means you can use it and return it, without ever having to worry about ongoing maintenance issues, similar to the benefits experienced when renting vs. buying a home.

Another advantage? If you’re not in love with the machine you rented, no worries. Simply return it and move on to something else. You aren’t locked into a commitment like you would be if you purchased something.

Ready to Rent?

Purchasing a bud trimming machine for your operation can give you a huge boost in productivity, saving time and money. If you’re hesitant to make the jump into ownership, either because of the large upfront or investment or because you aren’t sure how satisfied you’ll be with the results, do a trial run and rent a bud trimmer for a day or two.

Have you rented or purchased trimming machine? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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