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The question of keeping dispensaries in Glenwood Springs open later than now allowed was continued Thursday to give City Council more time to evaluate possible repercussions.

“I want to have our public information officer send out information so that we get public input,” Councilor Charlie Willman said. 

Council had concern continuing the discussion if it meant making new council members decide on it.

“Certainly, this can be handled by the old Council before seating the new Council,” City Attorney Karl Hanlon said.

Councilor Shelley Kaup didn’t understand why they needed to continue it and couldn’t discuss it, and Mayor Jonathan Godes wanted to hear the presentation from Silverpeak/The Dab requesting to extend hours to 10 p.m.

The group has already requested to have it put on the agenda and Council asked to send the request to Planning and Zoning. 

P&Z denied the request, so the proponents created a petition seeking approval of the later hours. This week, the petition had enough signatures to come back to Council.

Options for Council include approving it, denying it or taking it to voters for a possible special election later this year. 

“I would like a little bit more data from staff,” Councilor Ingrid Wussow said. “I would like to know how have other municipalities extended it? Has it increased their tax revenue? Has it increased their crime rate? Those are variables if…

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