Rob Van Dam Says Vince McMahon ‘Couldn’t Have Been Cooler’ About Marijuana Arrest From 2006Posted by On

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Rob Van Dam spoke about Vince McMahon’s reaction to his arrest in 2006 for marijuana, saying he “couldn’t have been cooler.” RVD was the WWE and ECW champion at the time, and immediately dropped both titles before being removed from TV. Here are highlights:

On what happened with his arrest: “If anybody semi-doesn’t know what we’re talking about, I had the WWE and the ECW Championship, got pulled over for speeding in Ohio, and the car smelled like weed and they found 18 grams of marijuana plus whatever we had in our vitamins. So Sabu, right away, was like, ‘we got to call him and tell him.’ I’m like, ‘what? Are you crazy? What do we tell him?’ I didn’t think they were going to find out, but by the time we got to the arena, everybody already knew. It was on every form of media, and Vince, when we saw him the first time, he walked right by us in the hallway. He was not ready to talk to us. I was like, ‘eh, that…

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