Room full of harvested drugs uncovered inside £160k cannabis farmPosted by On

Police uncovered a whole room full of harvested cannabis as they raided a £160,000 farm inside a city property.

Almost the entire floor was covered with ready-to-sell drugs as cops busted the factory in Alum Rock Road, Washwood Heath on Monday, Oct 12).

The huge haul could be seen scattered in the middle of the room on flattened cardboard boxes and surrounded by electric fans.

Other photos, shared by officers, showed rooms packed out with growing cannabis plants under artificial lighting.

Another image from the property shows the growing cannabis plants

Officers said they uncovered more than 160 plants – which were seized and destroyed.

Two people were arrested at the scene as they executed the search warrant.

Officers at the Washwood Heath policing team took to Twitter to share news of the bust and arrests.

Congratulating themselves on a ‘job well done’, they wrote: “Today our officers executed a warrant at an address on Alum Rock Road that was…

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