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Sativa and Indica Effects

Sativa and Indica effects vary largely from strain to strain. Some varieties are best suited to specific ailments and disorders, but not others. It is important to choose the correct strain to ensure that you receive the best treatment option.

There are two primary medicinal plant varieties of cannabis, each offering a distinct number of advantages. It is essential to understand and compare between the two. In order to find the correct strain for your needs.

Indica and Sativa are the two main kinds of cannabis plants. Each strain has its own variations of body and mind effects. Each resulting in a broad variety of therapeutic advantages.

In general, Indica strains provide a feeling of profound relaxation, soothing and relaxing the body. Sativas are more energizing and invigorating, and tend to make the users experience more intoxicating.

How to Identify Indica and Sativa Strains

Indica plant strains grow shorter and bushier than the sativa plants. They are dark green in color with broad blades and smaller, fatter leaves. The also grow quicker and produce a larger yield compared to the sativa variety. Medicine derived from Indica cannabis has higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC.

Sativa strains have long slender leaves with thin long blades. They usually grow between 15 to 20 feet in height. Many growers create hybrids in order to control the height. Sativa plants can take up to 10-16 weeks before they flower.

Sativa and Indica Effects

The major qualities of Indica

  • increased relaxation
  • laid-back
  • decreased nausea
  • relieves acute pain
  • increases appetite
  • good for night sleep

Indicas tend to reduce energy and are better for evening. Preferably end of the day consumption after all your activities have been completed. Potent indica species may offer what is called a “couchlock” to some users. A feeling in which they become so comfortable that they worry little about any physical activity or doing anything.

Sativa and Indica Effects

The major qualities of Sativa

  • anti-anxiety – anti-depressant
  • increases energy
  • relieves chronic pain
  • increases energy and creativity
  • preferable for day time use

Sativas enhances productivity and elevates intellectual creativity. Indicas provide what is called a “body high” while sativas provide more of a “brain high.” Unfortunately, sativa crops have a longer growing cycle and produce less medicinal (flowers) than indica strains.

Modern medical cannabis today raises and grows a broad range of forms in both indica and sativa. The reason for this is to provide the appropriate medicine for the unique combination of disease, preference, and lifestyle of a specific patient. Patients must try to discover the strains are best suited to their specific illness or condition. This can take a lot of effort and may involve months or even years of effort. In reality, patients are urged to experiment with different strains on an ongoing basis. In pursuit of greater potency or a higher cannabinoid profile that provides better relief.

The true results of any Sativa, Indica effects come about when a patient uses it when they need it the most. During episodes of chronic pain, insomnia or nausea.


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