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Sativa or Indica Strain – If you come from a state that has legalized medical marijuana, you probably know the extensive range of cannabis, both in variety and medicinally. Medical marijuana is a complex and very interesting plant with numerous useful attributes. Most medical marijuana patients have become rather selective when it comes to choosing their strain. This may seem ostentatious; however, getting the right information on the medicinal and psychoactive effects of different varieties of cannabis may help you understand how each affects you.

What makes marijuana exceptional and therapeutic is cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals naturally found in the cannabis plant that works on neurotransmitters in the human brain. There are several types of cannabinoids which include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) among others. The most popular is the THC. This is commonly preferred due to
its psychoactive effects that can make you relaxed, goofy, or inebriated.

The THC: CBD ratio is determined by the specific strain of cannabis. These different types are categorized as sativa or indica. There is also another type known as ruderalis. However, its genetics are not desirable as it has very little THC, and can only be grown in cold climates such as Eastern Europe and Russia.

But how do you know which herbal medicine will be right for your condition? Sativa or indica – what Strain is for you? Learning the best strain for you may not be a difficult task. You can talk to the health professional at your local medical marijuana dispensary about your condition to help you understand the most helpful strain.

Sativa and indica make up the majority of the strains that commonly appear on medical marijuana dispensary menus. Here is a guide explaining the difference between the two.

Sativa Strains

Josh King wrote in his Cannibible that sativa made him feel “conversational, creative, and often very active.” These strains are known to produce uplifting and cerebral high which many people find energizing and stimulating.

Sativa can make you engage in an in-depth conversation about the meaning of life or simply make you laugh uncontrollably. It can also cause you to analyze extensively the human experience and think critically. This quality makes sativa very popular among philosophers, musicians, and artists.

Sativa stimulates appetite. Therefore, patients with eating disorders, or anorexia, or treating side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy can benefit from sativa. It also helps in combating depression and ADHD.

Sativa strain can likely induce paranoia or anxiety in some patients. In such cases, health professional advice patients to reduce sativa dominant strains or simply go for hybrid strains that have a more balanced THC: CBD ratios.

The popular sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, Jack Herer, and Blue Dream. Sativa is the right choice for patients seeking morning medication or daytime relief as it gets the mind high boosting creativity.

Cannabis sativa plant is taller and the leaves are narrow compared to indica. Under good condition, the sativa plant can grow up to 20 feet. When it begins to flower, this plant takes 10 – 16 weeks to completely mature. Sativa typically produces higher yield compared to indica. However, is possesses a relatively lower THC percentage ranging from 12 – 16 percent.

Sativa plants have a pungent smell.

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Indica Strains

Indica strain has a higher percentage of CBD. It is suitable for treating sleep disorders, chronic pain, stimulating appetite, and reducing nausea. Patients with digestive disorders, kidney diseases, or cancer patients can find indica strain very beneficial.

Indica strain can also be used as a remedy for individuals suffering from muscle pain, headaches, and migraines as well as seizures and spasms.

The most popular indica strains include Granddaddy Purple, Mountain Mist, Dutch Treat, and LA Confidential.

Indica produces relaxing and heavy sedative effects. It is, therefore, best for nighttime to help you relieve stress, provide pain relief, and help you fall asleep.

Cannabis indica plant is short and stout in composure growing up to only four feet. Although the yields are lower as compared to sativa, indica possesses higher THC percentage of up to 18 percent. Cannabis indica plants have shorter and fatter leaves with a typically darker shade of green as compared to sativa.

Cannabis indica plants thrive in a cool climate. Since they don’t grow tall, these plants can be grown indoors. They have thick and dense buds.

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