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Strange but true: Not all weed is meant to be smoked. Some of it is meant to be dabbed, blasted or pressed — in other words, extracted from. But to find those strains that work best for solventless extraction, a form of hash-making that uses water, heat or pressure to create cannabis concentrate, you may have to do a lot of searching.

According to solventless extraction wizard Kennn Wall, “Maybe 5 to 10 percent of strains on the market actually do well for solventless and water extraction,” with strains that may do well in a joint coming up short and weak in the rosin press. But times are changing, with breeders and growers developing strains just for hash, many of which are sold in dispensaries. 

But which perform the best under the pressure of the rosin press? After talking with a handful of professional and home extractors, we came up with seven strains or strain family trees ideal for solventless extraction.

This is by far the top vote-getter among the extraction artists…

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