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What happens when you use medical marijuana, compared to traditional prescription medication the effects of medical marijuana are more moderate. Research has shown that cannabis has numerous health benefits, mainly pain relief, arthritis and the treatment of epilepsy. Marijuana contains CBD or cannabidiol, this chemical does not give you a high. Cannabidiols are responsible for many of marijuana’s therapeutic effects.

Does marijuana’s benefits outweigh the risks? What happens to your body when you use marijuana? We cannot list all the effects in just one article so we have started with the main effects. We will follow up with a later date

Red Eyes

A very common side effect of marijuana smoking and the dead giveaway of knowing if someone has just smoked.

Although very painless and harmless it might be caused by very high THC level. Whether you smoked it vaped it or eaten it your likely to get red eye. Try using a strain that has a lower THC and higher CBD level. Smoking rather than vaping or eating cannabis may also be a contributing factor to getting red eye.


Eye drops are the number one remedy, or you can hide your eyes under very dark sunglasses.

Dry Mouth

Often referred to as “cotton mouth” every cannabis user has experienced this side effect. When you have dry mouth you experience a dry pasty sensation. Dry mouth is caused by compounds in the herb that control saliva secretions.


Drinking plenty of water avoid sugary drinks and alcohol as they worsen the problem further. Generally the feeling subsides as the cannabis effects wear off.

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Regular marijuana user know that weed gives you the munchies. Three reasons are contributed to this increase in appetite.

a) Weed gives you an increased sense of smell which in turn kicks in the endorphins which stimulate appetite and result in the urge to eat.

b) Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, these signals are sent to the brain which release ghrelin hormones in turn increasing hunger.

c) Ghrelin is a potent appetite stimulator, when cannabis is consumed ghrelin levels are increased which in turn stimulates hunger.


Nothing much to do but willpower and using a high CBD strain that does not cause this symptom.


Marijuana is used as a sleep aid so it’s no wonder one of the main side effects is drowsiness. Indica strains mostly cause relaxing, sedative and strong body high that will make you sleepy and provides a deep relaxing feeling.


Choose a strain that causes less drowsiness such as a sativa strain, or a hybrid that has a more balanced high between the two. You may try to take taking your medication just before bed time, this way you can sleep it off. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive during the first 3 hours of consumption. There are normally no long term side effects in getting drowsy when consuming marijuana.


Does medical marijuana cause or help anxiety symptoms? There are many different canabinoids in marijuana and these attach to various receptors in the brain affecting each individual differently. Strains and types of marijuana also contribute to the way they affect each person. THC is the main compound in cannabis that makes users feel high and also the culprit in contributing to the symptoms related to anxiety and can even increase anxiety levels. CBD in the other hand does not cause a high and has been found to cause fewer anxiety attacks in users.


Use a strain that has a low THC and a dominant CBD level, these can control the effects of the phychoactive effects of THC.

Avoid edibles and tinctures as they are harder to control the dosage intake.

As mentioned above try and find a strain that is right for your medical needs.

Slowly increase you dosage amount until you find what your comfort level is.

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Increased Heart Rate

THC is well known for increasing your heart rate. The side effect that scares most users and has them calling emergency rooms is the increased heart rate. If you have ever drank too much caffeine and you get those heart palpitations, you know what I’m talking about. If you have concerns about your cardiovascular health, speak to your doctor before starting a medical marijuana regimen. Start by taking a hit or two at a time slowly building up to give your body some time to adjust to the THC as well as to monitor your limit.


THC is the main reason for increased heart rates, try to choose a low dose THC and high CBD strain. Try and wait 20 to 30 minutes between doses, which gives your body time to adjust, and prevents you from taking too much in a short period of time. Giving you a chance to monitor your vital signs and how you feel.

Many medications cause side effects and this also applies to medical marijuana. With any medication patients should discuss the advantages and disadvantages towards starting any medical regimen. Marijuana has many beneficial medical uses, cannabis also carries risks for some groups of people.



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