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Silver Haze Strain

In a more compact and faster way, Silver Haze strain provides the complete experience. Silver Haze is a cross with Northern Lights and has strong but clear effects. Silver Haze strain is named after the huge number of glossy silver THC glands that cover the flower buds. The strain originated from Sensi Seeds and was first distributed along the west coast, eventually becoming one of Sativa’s most common strains.

Scent and Appearance

Silver haze plants grow to a medium height. Normally giving off the scents of pine and citrus. The silver leaves and buds, flanked by light orange pistles, with pure green. It is coated with a thick silver coating of trichomes which give it a powerful scent and powerful THC. In accordance with the low level of CBD, the Silver Haze has THC levels of 18% to 24%. Its flowers produce a profile that produces hints of sweetness, citrus and earth.

Silver Haze Effects

Silver Haze strain improves user state of mind and makes users feel good by delivering strong euphoric effects within moments of use. Users of silver haze will also experience an increase in energy giving them the urge to be active.

Silver Haze offers an intense boost that decreases bodily stress and tension. The fast action delivers a high concentration of cannabinoids allowing users to fall into a happy state.

Silver Haze is a great daytime stain, often used to relieve stress and anxiety. The strain can be helpful for people suffering from moderate to slight medical pain. Silver Haze strain can be used for people dealing with depression. Some may choose to use it to relieve nausea and to stimulate hunger.

Growing Silver Haze Indoors or Out

Growing Silver Haze from seeds and cuttings is considered to be of moderate difficulty. Silver Haze plants can flourish both indoors and outdoors. Moisture, airflow, and adequate soil nutrients must be managed closely.

When growing indoors be sure your plant has access to plenty of light and fresh air. Making sure that you add fertilizer to your soil. After a relatively short flowering period of 9–11 weeks, they produce a respectable yield of 600gr / plant. Outdoor plants grow slightly larger and yield about 10% more buds.

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Medical Marijuana Benefits

Like many Sativas, Silver Haze strain is known for its happy and uplifting effects on the mind and nervous system. For people dealing with symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD, Silver Haze is a good choice.

Silve Haze THC levels can reach anywhere between 18% to 24%. Making it a good choice in helping cope with intense pain. Pain such as arthritis, sciatica, back and neck pain, muscle pain, and spasms are also treatable with this strain. It is also great for common everyday muscle pain.

Using Silver Haze strain for the treatment of migraines and headaches is also worthwhile.

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