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Hello Friends,

I had to write down my experience with Skywalker Kush shatter, dispensed by Strawberry Fields Dispensary Skywalker Kush is the strain and the shatter was a gift of a friend of mine.  Being an 85% Indica hybrid, I was happy to find the pain relief we need with it.  Retails for about $20 for a gram.  Rather nice gift I might add.

We stored the shatter in its packaging for a number of days, in our freezer.   As you can see in the cover photo, the shatter was in a small plastic case which is child-resistant according to law.  It was wrapped in wax paper.  Pictured is after use, over several days. We did use a new heating element and new coil attachments when we tried this shatter.

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The shatter is potent, and we didn’t need much to achieve a buzz from it.  It lasted a good week or so (the shatter, not the buzz). Sorry, I took the picture after using the shatter, rather than before. You need a magnifying glass to read the label, but it’s labeled at 70.55% THc.  I think they should not try to put all of the regulatory jargon on it as it’s too small to read the way it is.  Can’t they just have printed copies available if the customer requests such?  Over regulation in this case.

Using the dab tool, we pinch off a bit, and place in on the coils of the vape pen.  Replacing the glass globe/mouthpiece, you inhale the vapor while pressing the button.  I don’t generally take a huge hit at first, preferring to savor the taste before coughing.  And cough you will with this shatter.  My new vape pen battery is a little sensitive, so it’s not screwed in all the way, which seems awkward, but it works.  I bought two new base elements at $9 each, and 5 new coils at $4 each so I will have some on hand if it burns out, as they often do.

I would give it a 4 out of 5 on the scale.  The color was dark brown, but the shatter was effective in achieving a pleasant experience after just two hits from the vape pen.  Prolonged use causes drowsiness and is perfect for sleeping.  The pain relief is substantial, yet there is also a pleasant head-high which was useful to help us write this review. LOL.

Vaping shatter this way causes me in turn to smoke less, and is a good thing.  I’m glad I received this gift.  Until next time, stay elevated!



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