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NORTHAMPTON — Navigating on a pedal kart through a makeshift dirt obstacle course marked off with cones and LED lights indicating which direction to take wasn’t too challenging for 17-year-old Madison Gorrell, that is, until she strapped on a pair of marijuana simulation goggles.

That, combined with the excessive honking from a bike horn continuously squeezed by classmate Tommy Nutting, who was pedaling closely behind her, left the Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School student a little frazzled.

“Everything looks like a mile away,” said Gorrell, of Buckland. “You really can’t tell what the distance is and sometimes the lights don’t even look like they’re on.”

The exercise was one of a handful of scenarios presented Friday morning to Smith Vocational’s criminal justice students by members of the Army National Guard’s mobile engagement team.

The Northampton school was the first in the state to utilize the guard’s Fatal Vision marijuana-impairment goggles as part of their Impaired Driving Prevention Program, according to Army National Guard Sgt. Eladio Soto, who is a member of the guard’s mobile engagement team.

“The marijuana-impairment goggles messes with a user’s mind to illustrate short-term memory loss and disrupt quick thinking,” said Soto.

The program is designed to teach the “likely negative impacts” of impaired driving.

One of the highlights of the program’s curriculum is the Realistic Impaired Driving Experience, or RIDE. In…

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