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Smoke Sesh Strain Review: Cannatonic CBD Cannabis


Cannatonic is a unique hybrid strain bred by Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds specifically for its low THC content, which rarely gets above 6% and high CBD content, which can get as high as 17%.

The strain is a cross between a female MK Ultra and a G13 Haze male.

It produces a relatively short-lived, mellow high that is uplifting and relaxing due to the high CBD levels.  This is considered to be one of the premier medical strains and is often used to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines, and a wide variety of other physiological and psychological symptoms. The strain supposedly produces a calm relaxed sensation and a gentle warm tingling sensation. Cannatonic improves mood without anxiety and without plastering you to the couch.

With the high CBD and low THC this strain is recommended for use during the daytime. The strain is supposed to help calm muscle spasms, which is what I’m really looking for it to do. I’m hoping it doesn’t give me that brain fuzzy feeling and instead just relaxes my muscles. What would be even better is if it helped me focus.

If you have insomnia though you’ll want something heavier.

Let’s Smell It!!

slight earthy odor

mild, sweet, citrusy flavor

mild herbal, woody aroma with a touch of citrus.

Now let’s smoke it!!





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Enjoyed the review, keep posting!

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