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Is Smoking Moldy Weed Risky

Smoking moldy weed is risky and increase your possibility of developing a respiratory infection.

Moldy weed is caused when harvested cannabis is not dried completely and cured before being stored. When you store weed that hasn’t dried properly in an airtight container, you’re creating a great breeding ground for mold to grow.

It also might have turned moldy by being kept in a plastic-wrap and packaged, allowing the container to become an excellent incubator for fungi to develop.

Mold can affect cannabis plants while they’re still growing in the ground, so producers must be extra cautious with their crops.

Causes of Moldy Weed

You can prevent your cannabis from becoming moldy by doing the following:

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  • Don’t overcrowd your cannabis plants. And be sure to remove any dead material as soon as it appears.
  • Make sure your cannabis is properly dried and cured.
  • Make sure to air out “burp” the container every day or two while it’s curing to get fresh air inside.
  • Keep a close check on your grow room’s temperature and humidity.
  • Make sure your indoor grow space has enough ventilation, including plenty of fans and exhaust outlets to get rid of the stale air.

Types of Mold & How To Identify It

Visual inspection is the best way to determine if your weed is contaminated with mold. Mold comes in a variety of forms, there are three common varieties identified in cannabis which are:

Web Like Mold

It looks like fuzz or cobwebs and is usually brown, white, or grey. Spider mites, a common cannabis pest, may also generate webs that look like fungus, and amateur growers frequently mix the two diseases.

Grey Mold “Botrytis”

It can work its way through the colas of plants, causing them to droop and finally leave the plant unusable. It is usually grey or brown in color.

Powdery/Sludge Mold

This commonly occurs on the leaves of the cannabis plant. Both buds and leaves can be infected by mold that looks like dark patches (black or dark green). Some people can’t tell the difference between trichomes and mold. The easiest way to tell the difference between trichomes and mold. Trichomes have a crystalline nature, whereas mold has a web-like or silky structure.

What to Expect if You Smoke Moldy Weed

You can smoke moldy weed but we advise against it for the following reasons.
Coughing, sore itchy throat, runny nose, sneezing, headaches, shortness of breath are just some symptoms.

Mold allergy sufferers may experience a far more severe reaction and in rare cases may require medical attention.

If you’re immunocompromised, have a history of lung problems, are allergic to mold, smoking moldy weed can be extremely harmful to your health.

Smoking Moldy Weed is a Risky proposition it’s never worth the risk to smoke it.  If you’re unsure, toss it out.




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